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marni loffman is a composer, vocalist, educator, facilitator and ritualist. marni's musical work weaves together the sounds of a multi-denominational jewish american religious upbringing, of ashkenazi ancestry, and of cultural influences growing up the united states such as american folk, pop, jazz and neo-soul. marni's music explores diasporic identity, doubt, greif and healing through combining rabbinic and liturgical poetry and prose with original lyrics.


marni's public start was on TikTok under the handle "@singing_jewess," gaining followers in a few short month after posting jewish singing and parody videos. struggling with deep musical imposter syndrome at the time, it was the overwhelming requests from followers that first encouraged marni to start recording and performing in real time. listeners remark that marni's voice brings them solace, tears, deep connection and that marni's music is a source of cultural, emotional and spiritual healing.


for marni, the process of art making is just as, if not more central than the product itself. dancing between structure and improvisation, new and old, and born out of encounters with human and beyond human friends, marni's music emerges from live recording, fostering relationships and raw emotion. marni's debut album, the long short path, is available on all streaming platforms.

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