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concerts and performances

basque an in a show of rich harmony, soaring vocals, healing lyricism and soundscapes that journey through the disparate pieces and cultural collage of marni's american jewish experience. bring marni in for a private or public event, help collaborate on planning a local show, or uplift your next milestone with marni's song.

ritual and prayer

marni facilitates a wide variety of ritual and prayer. whether you are looking to craft something unique to mark a significant life moment, whether conventionally commemorated or in need of new ritual, or you are looking to infuse a classical prayer service with music, intention and new voice, marni is flexible, intentional and heartfelt in their ritual leadership.  marni loves working with indivudals and communties to imagine how to create powerful moments of transformation, grounding and connection inside and outside of traditional houses of worship.

community learning and speaking

with a BA in cultural anthropology and religion and an MA in international peacebuilding, marni teaches on a range of topics, with training in mediation, non-violent communitcation, alternate responses to community harm and conflict rootedin abolitionism, and trauma-informed care. marni also has a background in ethnographic research and writing, marni will dive into jewish learning woven with conversations about a variety of contemporary issues.

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